Plex now supports Amazon Cloud Drive for Cloud Sync

Plex has added support for Amazon Cloud Drive for Cloud Sync. For those not familiar with Cloud Sync, it allows you to sync your content to cloud providers and stream it from there. It is handy if you don't have much upload bandwidth but still want to watch HD content away from home.

The reason Amazon is a big deal is because they have a reasonably priced unlimited option.

Isn't that  No limit  beautiful?

Isn't that No limit beautiful?

And we're back!


Sorry about the lack of updates. The last post was well over a month ago. I've been tied up with other projects and unfortunately this site got neglected a bit.

I'm back now though and will make an effort to keep up with cord cutting news and post more guides.

Updated Plex for Roku released

One of the biggest complaints about using Plex on Roku is how bad the interface is. In the past, they stuck with the Roku design guidelines and it lead to an interface of a bunch of bubbles. That is all over now as Plex has released a new channel (currently in preview form for PlexPass members). This new interface follows along with the design they've been using on game consoles and new Smart TVs.

If you are a PlexPass member, you can grab the new channel at the following URL:


New versions of Sling TV Android app blocking unofficial devices

It appears that newer builds of the Sling TV app are blocking unofficial devices such as Android TV boxes. Interestingly enough, sideloading the apk to the Amazon Fire TV also has stopped working. The Fire TV is advertised as coming soon on Sling's website, but I guess they want us to wait for an official Amazon App Store download.

This is only affecting new downloads. Older builds do seem to still work on these platforms and there hasn't yet been a forced update.

You can download build here. This build is confirmed working, and you can watch it launch on a Fire TV stick as of this morning below:

Raspberry Pi 2 - Available now for $35

The Raspberry Pi has always been a popular choice for people wanting to run Kodi or Plex, mostly because you can pick one up for $35. After all is said and done, $50 would get you a little media box that could handle most of the media you would try to throw at it.

I've never been a big fan since the severely underpowered CPU lead to sluggish menus and delayed interactions. Thankfully the hardware accelerated video decoding meant that media playback was smooth, but some of the allure was lost when you got back to the menu and it was struggling to keep up with you.

Announced today is the Raspberry Pi 2, which ups the CPU to a quad core 900MHz Cortex-A7 and increases the RAM to 1GB. This should do wonders for running media software and I am excited to give it a try. Despite the board being available starting today, I figure this will be like the original launch when it takes weeks to get your hands on one due to the demand. I will pick one up and share my thoughts as soon as I can though.


The Ultimate Server Tutorial has been updated

I wrote the Ultimate Server Tutorial back in October. Since then, the software involved has updated, names have changed, life has moved on in general. Moving into the new year, I decided to work through the guide again and have updated it with all the latest information. As always, throw a comment on an article if you find that something is wrong or outdated. Some of you have done so already and I appreciate it. 

For those of you new to the site, you can use the handy quick links in the upper right of the page to see the posts in the series. Happy cord cutting!

Aereo files for bankruptcy

Today, Aereo officially filed for Chapter 11. Aereo was ahead of their time as a way to get broadcast television on your devices without needing an antenna locally. Instead, you used a little micro antenna that they had in their data centers. After a long legal battle, they were forced to stop operation some time ago.

You can read a letter to their consumers on