Sling TV Technical Details

Leading up to the Sling launch, there was lots of question about how the quality on Sling would be. In a reddit AMA before the beta started, Roger Lynch confirmed that Sling would offer 1080p video and 5.1 surround sound. Now that Sling has launched, many have been a little disappointed by the quality of the service. While it's certainly not bad quality, it doesn't seem to be up to the standard they were pitching either. Being curious, and knowing just enough about computers to be dangerous, I decided to see if I could figure out the technical specs of their streams...

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New versions of Sling TV Android app blocking unofficial devices

It appears that newer builds of the Sling TV app are blocking unofficial devices such as Android TV boxes. Interestingly enough, sideloading the apk to the Amazon Fire TV also has stopped working. The Fire TV is advertised as coming soon on Sling's website, but I guess they want us to wait for an official Amazon App Store download.

This is only affecting new downloads. Older builds do seem to still work on these platforms and there hasn't yet been a forced update.

You can download build here. This build is confirmed working, and you can watch it launch on a Fire TV stick as of this morning below: