How to get OTA on your Xbox One

The Xbox One is more than just a video game system. From the get-go, the Xbox One was touted as a home entertainment device, meant to take over your living room and become the new primary device connected to your HDMI 1 input. One of the features to forward this goal is the HDMI input on the Xbox that you are supposed to plug your cable box into. The problem is, cord cutters don't have cable boxes. Here are the ways you can get OTA TV integrated into your Xbox One...

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Over the air: Choosing the correct antenna

Many cord cutters ditch their cable or dish package and replace it with online services such as Netflix or Hulu, or they build their own XBMC or Plex server. These options provide an endless source of content, but there is one itch that they just can't scratch: live content. It might not be a big deal to watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead a day after it airs, but when it comes to news or sports, you really want to watch it as it happens.

This post will show you how to determine what channels are being broadcast over-the-air in your location and how to pick the proper antenna to receive them.

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Aereo files for bankruptcy

Today, Aereo officially filed for Chapter 11. Aereo was ahead of their time as a way to get broadcast television on your devices without needing an antenna locally. Instead, you used a little micro antenna that they had in their data centers. After a long legal battle, they were forced to stop operation some time ago.

You can read a letter to their consumers on