Plex now supports Amazon Cloud Drive for Cloud Sync

Plex has added support for Amazon Cloud Drive for Cloud Sync. For those not familiar with Cloud Sync, it allows you to sync your content to cloud providers and stream it from there. It is handy if you don't have much upload bandwidth but still want to watch HD content away from home.

The reason Amazon is a big deal is because they have a reasonably priced unlimited option.

Isn't that  No limit  beautiful?

Isn't that No limit beautiful?

The many ways to watch your NFL Game Pass

Last month, I showed you how to sign up for the international version of the NFL Game Pass. At the end of it, you were able to launch and watch games from the browser. That is great and all, but what if you want other ways to watch it? What if you want to watch on your TV? Just in time for the start of the regular season, here are the many different ways you can enjoy your Game Pass.

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Updated Plex for Roku released

One of the biggest complaints about using Plex on Roku is how bad the interface is. In the past, they stuck with the Roku design guidelines and it lead to an interface of a bunch of bubbles. That is all over now as Plex has released a new channel (currently in preview form for PlexPass members). This new interface follows along with the design they've been using on game consoles and new Smart TVs.

If you are a PlexPass member, you can grab the new channel at the following URL:


Getting your OpenELEC + Plex system to auto-update

So the post about how to run Plex Home Theater on a Chromebox proved to be very popular. The Chromebox has the perfect balance of power and affordability that makes it a stand out product. One question that popped up often is how does one update this system as newer builds come out. Since the Plex version is a modified form of OpenELEC, the built-in updating mechanism doesn't work. At the time, my answer was that it needed to be done manually. Luckily, that is no longer the case.

I have whipped up a quick python script that checks for updates and applies them automatically. This guide will explain how to install the script and schedule it to run on a regular basis.

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Turning a Chromebox into a full-fledged Plex Home Theater client

Anyone who has a Plex server will tell you that there are countless ways to access it. Plex has apps out for just about any device or OS you can think of. When it comes to watching Plex on a HDTV, most people plug in a Roku or Chromecast and call it a day. While this obviously works, the interface is a little slow and clunky and you wind up with a functional solution without much wow factor.

One way people solve this is by building a HTPC so that they are in control of the power and performance. The issue is that even the most frugal shopper will still spend over $200 for anything worth while. That is no longer the case...

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