The Ultimate Server Part 8 - CouchPotato

In the last part, we finally started seeing results from all of our work. Now that TV shows are all set, let's move on to movies. For this purpose, we will be using CouchPotato.

Installing CouchPotato

Start by downloading the installer from Make sure you check Run CouchPotato at startup when installing. When installation is done, launch CouchPotato. Once again you will get a Windows Firewall alert. Click Allow access.

I am a fan of CouchPotato's getting started wizard since we don't have to go rooting around menus to get it all set up. Start scrolling and fill out the information:


  • Username: whatever you want (but do set one)
  • Password: whatever you want (but do set one)
  • Port: 38083
  • Launch Browser: unchecked

What download apps are you using?

  • Black hole: uncheck
  • Check Deluge
    • Host: leave as is
    • Username: leave blank
    • Password: leave blank
    • Directory: leave blank
    • Label: couchpotato
  • Check Sabznbd
    • Host: change to localhost:38080
    • Api Key: copy from SABnzbd > Config > General
    • Category: couchpotato

Are you registerd at any of these sites?

  • Leave Torrentz and KickAssTorrents as is
  • Scroll down to Usenet Providers
    • In the bottom blank line, type in for the Host and your API Key
    • Another blank line is added, type in and paste in your API Key
    • On the next line, type in and paste in your API Key

Move & rename the movies after downloading?

  • Check the box for Rename downloaded movies
  • Set the From box to C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads\Incomplete\couchpotato
  • Set the To box to the Movies folder on your storage drive. For me, it is S:\Movies
  • Leave the Folder Naming box alone
  • Change the File Naming box to <thename> (<year>) <quality> <source> <cd>.<ext>
  • Check Unrar
  • Check Cleanup

Easily add movies to your watched list!

This section explains how to install an extension or bookmarklet that lets you easily add movies to your queue. It can be quite handy if you frequent sites like IMDB.

Now scroll to the bottom and press that massive green button. It will then prompt you for your login details, and then present you with the main CouchPotato interface. Before we get too far, click the cog in the upper right corner and select Restart. This will let CouchPotato switch ports to our chosen 38083. Wait a few seconds, and then enter http://localhost:38083 in the address bar to get back to CouchPotato.

We covered most of the bases when we went through the initial setup wizard, but there are a few more settings that we should tweak. Click the cog in the upper right and select Settings.

  • Click Show advanced settings in the upper right
  • Click into the Searcher section on the sidebar
    • Change Hour to */6
    • Change First Search to usenet (skip this if you are only use torrents obviously)
    • Set the Usenet Retention to whatever your provider quotes. Usually around 2500.
    • Scroll down to KickAssTorrents and check Only Verified.
  • Switch to the Qualities section. Look over this page and tweak it to your preference. The defaults are a good starting point, but I like to add one new section and set it like this:

Let's test!

We are all set with configuring this one, so let's try it out. Click Home.

On the top right, you will find a search button. Click that and then enter the name of a movie. You should see possible choices auto-populate. When you click one, it will give you another drop-down that let's you specify the quality. Click Add.

couchpotato add.png

You can switch to the Wanted tab to see the progress on the movie we just added. If it found anything, one of the qualities listed will be checked. Hoving over the movie gives you a few options: Download the best release, pick one yourself, and mark this movie done. Pick one yourself is handy if you find that CouchPotato is picking subpar downloads. You would use mark this movie done when you no longer want CouchPotato to search for better versions.

You should use the pick one yourself option to make sure CouchPotato is able to talk to both SABnzbd and Deluge.

Once a movie has downloaded, check your Movies folder and make sure it was named and moved properly.

And just like that, movies are all set. Take your time and add a bunch to the list. The beauty of this program is that they don't even need to be out yet. Add the next big blockbuster and then you will just be pleasantly surprised sometime in the future when it shows up.

Let's move on to the last part: music.